Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to pay to benefit from your services?

A: Not! Our platform is free, but if you choose a higher membership you have several advantages. Take a look here:


Q: Can i register from any country?

 A: Yes! We make constant efforts to provide offers and surveys to all corners of the world.


Q: Can more people register from the same ip address?

A: Yes! We are basically a survey platform and we believe that more people in the family can respond to those surveys. But you have to consider other things:
- it is not allowed to be referral to a person who has the same ip
- It is not allowed for two people to have the same email or payment details
Anyone who violates these rules will be automatically banned and any request to reset the account will be denied.


Q: Is there a minimum payment?

A: Yes! The minimum payment for the free membership is $ 10. That's to avoid $ 0.10 withdrawal requests.


Q: Is this a paid to click platform?

A: Even though for the moment we also have a PTC section, we are a platform dedicated to surveys and offers. We are working on its development to introduce the necessary ones so we can do everything the big like POLLFISH affiliate platforms do. And later to launch our own cryptocurrency.


Q: Why does the amount I have in my account decrease?

A: There is a commission for inactivity. We will start deducting $ 0.02 for every 24 hours of inactivity starting with the 3rd day of inactivity.